World of Kung Fu Game Rules
-Updated March 22, 2017

To report anyone that you think has broken a rule you will need to submit a Screen Shot (Press Print Screen on your Keyboard, Open Client Folder, Select Screenshots) and will need to email that image to our Support Email. Please explain what rule has been broken and what player it is.

The following rules set will be upheld and by logging onto World of Kung Fu you agree that you understand the punishments listed below for breaking any rules.

-Shelter Charm: Using any ability that would otherwise flag your character into PvP Combat while under the effects of the Shelter Charm are strictly prohibited. Using Shelter Charm in Arena, Country Invasions or Battle are also prohibited.

Punishment for Shelter Charm Abuse:

  • -First Offense: Player will be dropped by 1 level.
  • -Second Offense: Player will be dropped by 10 levels.
  • -Third Offense: Player will be dropped by 20 levels and all reputation reduced to zero.

-If a player continues to abuse shelter charm after the Third Offense they will be debuffed preventing them from using Shelter Charm for 1 Week along with the punishment set for the Third Offense.

-Botting: With the exception of Crafting Reputation Training all types of botting are prohibited. Having any type of program repeat an ability or item for you is considered botting. If found to be botting your toon will be banned for 24 hours each time you are caught botting. If a player is caught botting to collect reputation they will be given a warning. If they continue to bot for reputation after the warning they will have all of their reputation removed from all sources.

-Client Modification: Any person found to be modifying files in the client will be banned for a week on all accounts each time its discovered modification has been made.

-Guardian Pets: Pets must be leveled up to the max level available. It has been brought to my attention that even low level pets still for some reason grant higher stats if not leveled up. If the pet is found to be used and isn't max it will be released. This only applies to upgrade 9 guardian pets currently.

-Collection Hack: Anyone caught using the collection hack will have their toon banned for 24 hours for the first offense. Second offense all crafting reagents currently in the backpack will be removed from the character and banned for a week. Third Offense and any after will have the items removed and banned for a month.

-Account Sharing: Account Sharing although not something that can be stopped you will however not receive any type of support if its found out that the account has been shared. IP's are logged each time someone uses the account. This includes items being stolen, passwords changed or any other type of issues you may inccur from sharing your account with another player.

-Account Selling: Account selling is strictly prohibited. If an account is found to have been sold it will be frozen and never removed. This also applies to the selling of items from other players for real currency. If its been found the items will be removed from the player.


-Although their is currently a very limited chat filter any attempt to advertise another server will result in a 1 Week Mute. Any player that continuously taunts/aggravates/harass another player will be muted for 24 hours (This includes posting repeated pvp kills). If this behaviour continues the time the player is muted will be extended each time infinitely.

-Spamming chat will also earn a player a 24 hour mute and if continues the mute time will be increased.

-If a player that is muted decides to login other characters to continue their IP will be banned for the duration of the mute along with their accounts.

-Warning will not be issued to anyone before a mute is given.

-Standing on top of cat shops to prevent players from viewing those shops repeatedly will have their toon banned for 24 hours. If this behaviour continues the time the player is banned will be extended each time infinitely.

-AVOIDING IN-GAME SCAMS: A scam is the act of acquiring items or any other possession from another player through misinformation, confusion, or fraud. Confirmed scammers risk account suspension or closure. Take appropriate measures to protect yourself, as restoration is not guaranteed.

-If I can verify a scam took place, I will take action.

-Don't give items, gold or account access to anyone you don't trust. Account Sharing as stated above is not covered as a reasonable claim of being scammed.

-Do not purchase items from players using real money as this is not allowed and is not covered as a reasonable claim of being scammed.

-Pay attention to all trade transactions.

-Double check pawnshop prices before purchasing.

-Exploiting Bugs: If a player is found to have exploited any type of bug that will benefit them in receiving more items than normally awarded they will receive a 24 hour ban and the items removed from their toons. Repeated offenses will result in longer bans and punishments.

-Chargebacks: Once a player completes a purchase that sale is final. Claiming that the charge was unauthorized will result in all your accounts being frozen, your IP Address Range Blocked and if the claim isn't reveresed within 7 days All Characters will be removed from the server and will not be replaced. Access won't be restored until the amount + fees has been paid back.

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