Processing is a required ability if you hope to craft high level items in the World of Kung Fu. Almost every item that you can find can be processed. Some simple items can be processed into better quality items of the same type, such as: 8 [Animal Hides] can be used to craft 1 piece of [Leather]. Higher level items, such as a [Diamond] or a [Universe Herb] require multiple ingredients to craft. It's a good rule of thumb to Process everything you can! There are Processing Masters for Ore, Timber, Herbs, Food and Cloth. High level Processed goods are required to make Armor and Weapons too!

1. Find the Processing Master you need on your map and go to them.

2. Talk to them, and select "Craft" from the options menu.

3. Mousing over each item will tell you more details about it. Clicking on one will then display what items you need to process the item you want to craft. Remember, there are Masters for Processing different types of goods!

4. If you have the required items, click "Forge" to process.

5. The new processed item will now appear in your inventory!

Processed items are required to make high level weapons, armor, food and medicine.

While you can buy some types of items from the various Stores of different towns, high level processed items can only be crafted or possibly dropped by certain monsters.

Processed Goods are ALWAYS in demand, so a skilled Processing Craftsman can make a good deal of money selling their items to other players! Some high level Kung Fu Skills require high level processed items to use!

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