World of Kung Fu Patch 3.0.1
Updated 10/23/2016

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- Patch 2.0.1 - 2.0.48
- Patch 1.0.31
- Patch 1.0.35
- Patch 1.0.55
- Patch 1.0.56

Table of Contents

Patch 3.0.92
  • Custom Pet Added to Game
  • Country Emblem Fixed

Patch 3.0.91
  • Divine Crafter and Refiner [G] in Taichung work with Refining Charms properly
  • Lower Level Helmet Transmogrifications now display their model correctly
  • Invasion Certificates should no longer drop and will be removed from player inventory
  • Pet Equipment should now be able to be crafted and changed into armor and weapon properly
  • Xinlitun has now hired a Travel Officer, Post Master, Warehouse Keeper and a School Manager to make travel and receiving and sending items easier

Patch 3.0.90
  • Alternative Fashions can be exchanged
  • Divine Staff can be exchanged
  • Easter 2015 Fashions are set back to level 100 when refined
  • Refined Fashion Exchanged NPC now works properly
Patch 3.0.89

Gear and Forging Balance

This patch has been in development for many months and has gone through strenuous testing for all classes. As I'm sure many of you are aware there is an issue with balance right now. I don't claim for this to be a perfect patch and I'm sure some issues will arise that will need fixing and I simply ask you to leave a post on the forum, send an email to, leave a message on discord or message me in game. I will listen to any complaint or suggestion you have and try to come to a solution that makes us all happy.

Because of the lack of testing when the 120 Level Cap was originally released we have had some major issues with stat differences on gears, fashions, trinkets, forging and how skills were working. All of these issues have been discussed at great length and tested. To fix these issues with the least amount of confusion and aggrivation to the players a system has been setup in game that will take care of replacing all of your gear, fashions, trinkets and the forging done on these items.

Some new npc's are available in Taichung. These are npc's to refine divine gear which is located near the tier 3 class gear npc's. Something you will not need to worry about anymore is trying to get bonus equipment buffs on gears because these are being disabled. These "bonus" buffs although not all the time but some do possess the power to make a player become more powerful than originally intended. To give the best chance for any type of balance in game all of these buffs that currently exist in game will have the attributes of the buff removed and they will give no benefit. This won't have any effect on any Tier 3 or Divine 120 you currently have because they're already being disabled because of the balancing issues they present.

When you login after the patch you'll probably notice some wonky stuff going on with your gear, fashions and trinkets. Stats have been modified on items to prevent them from wanting to be used in an effort to encourage players to participate in the exchange of these items for the correct versions. The major reasoning these items have to be exchanged is because of forging stat issues that existed and created a major difference in the value you received from a certain type of forging. Although the forging remains the same as it always has the materials needed has changed but still remains the same.

The version of forging you remember as Material Forging which used items from collection to forge still exist in the game. Although the NPC uses Forging Vouchers now which you can create the Forging Vouchers from the same materials needed to do material forging the same benefits still exist. Having higher collection reputation does seem to give slight benefits to the attributes you will receive. This version of forging is harder and requires more materials to max your forging level. Gold Forging requires only the cost of gold. Gold Forging has 100% success rate. Each leveling of forging done with the gold forging npc cost 10 gold more each level starting at 10 gold. To prevent players from accidentially using this system a new item called Gold Forging Voucher will be used instead which will be in the item mall for 10g each.

Another new system that has been added with this patch which has caused the major delay in its release is the Transmogrification System. This allows you to change the appearance of your armor and weapons to any model that previously existed in game. Simply buy the Transmogrification Token from the item mall and go to your class npc in Xinlitun and select the gear or weapon appearance you wish to use. To see which model a piece is using the description on the gear or weapon will tell the model. Currently you can't revert this change but it will be added on the next patch if you wish to redo your Transmogrification. When you use the transmog system any buffs (buffs are being removed as mentioned above) and forging that exist on the gear or weapon is removed in the process. This is also stated on the Transmogrification Token. There is no expection to this and no refunds will be given for use of this system.

When you exchange your armor, weapon, fashion or trinkets it will have the materials in the package to reforge to +20 at the gold forging smith. If an item can use Artificer Charms it will also give you 20 of them. It is up to you how you use these items and no type of refund will be given. When you exchange the old items and get the new package how you use it is totally up to you. When you exchange your fashion, not including custom or holiday fashions, you will receive a Refined Fashion Token which you can take to Xinlitun and be able to pick any fashion model you wish to use as your new fashion. Once the fashion is picked your choice is final. This exchange for a new fashion can only happen once per fashion that you had before the release of this patch. All items have had new versions made and npc's adjusted for the new items and the old items can no longer be created, dropped or purchased from any npc.

Skill Balance

Extensive testing has been done on the skills to make sure they compliment the changes made to gears. Skills are never finalized and can be easily changed so if you have any suggestions or find an issue just let me know and we will get it fixed.

There has been way to many changes made to skills to list all of them. The best way to figure out what has changed is just to play the classes. Although we did have people testing we will get more input once the changes are applied on the main server. Your gears are 100% not changing after this patch for this level cap except for the possiblity of Tier 3 Class Gear Buffs being adjusted or weapon equipment buffs. I don't forsee any reasoning why fashions and trinkets would need changing but those stats update automatically unlike gears.

Some changes I can report on skills was the decision on how team buffs and other buffs will work in the future. An issue with combat has always been overbuffing. Equipment buffs played a major part into this which is my reasoning for removing these buffs. Another reason was players wanting to try and use every buff they could possibly use to boost their stats beyond what was originally intended. From this point on team buffs which include Hammer, Hook, Fan, and Sword can only have 1 type of Team Buff used on a toon at once. The buffs were changed to single target so people that wanted different types can be buffed according to what they prefer. Each of the buffs across these classes have been adjusted so they don't overlap in what type they offer and each one offering their own unique type of buff. Also being changed are Fist poision buffs. These buffs are now only usable on the player and no longer on other players.

Various changes have been made to almost all skills and as said above its best for you to just get in there and test out the classes and report back your findings.

Skills can always be changed!

General Changes
  • Custom Fashions and Guardian Pets Added to Game
  • New Daily Quest - This npc can be found in Liuhe and gives various types of prizes simply for logging on the game each day. This quest can only be accepted by Level 120 toons and will changed in the future with level caps. You can get coins, gold, chaos boxes, various types of reputation and more from this quest and its completely random.
  • All easter npc's and easter eggs have been removed.
  • All old refining npc's for armor and weapons in Liuhe and Bizhou should have 100% success rate now.
  • Xinlitun has been added to the Travel Officer but Mangrove has been removed. For those that have forgotten you can talk to Wei Jian in Bizhou to teleport to Mangrove. I will be in the future adding a new Travel Officer that has more options for travel to all maps in game.
  • Refined Fashions can no longer be unbound and will be back in business in the following weeks.
  • Various NCP's adjusted in Xinlitun
  • Rebirth no longer requies you to kill Lord of Fate but now requires you to kill Judgement in Dragon Maze.
  • The school crafting quest can now be completed twice per day. Reputation gained was split between the quest to only give the 10k.
  • Drop Rate and Amount for Grisly and Bitter Grass Increased.
  • Zodiac Transform Token can be exchanged in Xinlitun for 5 Soul Tokens. No Quest Required.
Please report any bugs you find and any suggestions you have!

Patch 3.0.88
  • Custom Pets Added to Game

Patch 3.0.87
  • Easter Egg Removed as World Drop - All Easter will be removed on the next patch which will be the Skill and Gear Balance

Patch 3.0.86
  • Custom Pet added to game
  • Easter Egg Drop Rate Lowered

Patch 3.0.85
  • Custom Title added to game

Patch 3.0.84
  • Easter Event - Collect the Easter Eggs - Turn in Easter Eggs for Rabbit Ear and Wing Patterns, Loot Pets, Mounts and Fashions

Patch 3.0.83
  • Custom Fashions, Titles and Pets added into game

Patch 3.0.82
  • Pisces and Virgo Transform Cards reverted back to previous version. All tc's will be adjusted together
  • Custom Fashions and Pets added into game

Patch 3.0.81
  • Custom Fashions and Pets added into game

Patch 3.0.79
  • Rumor Notes removed from game
  • Death Chasing Damage Lowered
  • Stunning Panda Cooldown Lowered to 15 seconds. Defense and Armor debuff changed from static value to percent value being 8% at 120
  • Guardian Pet Scrolls attribute amounts changed from 10k to 10% which was originally intended
  • Virgo Transform Card Changes: Invisibility Duration Lowered to 2 Seconds. Invisibility Activation Chance Lowered. Increases Hit Rate by 25. Health and Mana increase remain the same.
  • Pisces Transform Card Changes: No longer provides spirit or hit increase. Activation chance of fatal wound lowered to 1%. Duration time on player lowered to 30 seconds.
  • Any skill changes or item changes made could still be changed in the future with the work on ptr being done and are just temporary adjustments.

  • Envoys - These envoys are the same as they are now on the ptr
    • Qinglong - Increases Critical by 2500 and Hit by 25.
    • Baihu - Increases Damage and Attack by 2500.
    • Zhuque - Increases Dodge by 2500 and Movement Speed by 50%.
    • Xuanwu - Increases Armor and Defense by 2500.

Patch 3.0.77
  • Guardian Pet Battle Options Reverted

Patch 3.0.75
  • Custom Fashion, Titles and Pet Added to Game
  • User Interface Modifications Made for Quest Log and Broken Gear.
  • 3 New School Quest - 1 New Reputation Quest and 2 New Crafting Material Quest
  • Upgraded Guardian Pet Weapons, Charms and Scrolls can now be made in Xinlitun
  • Level 120 Divine Tokens and [E] Trinkets can be broken down into Shattered Tokens.
  • Aethril is a new herb drop in Qingyuan, Graveyard of Howling Wind and School Collection Field which is used for one of the school quest.
  • Guardian Pets can no longer be set to attack mode and this change was made because gold is a world drop.
  • Snow has melted in Liuhe and Spring has begun.
  • Zhou Xinya is a new NPC in Liuhe which specializes in Battle Charms. She is new and can't properly buff you with the correct charm but as she uses her ability she will learn how to grant specific buffs. For just 5 gold you can gain an hour long random stat buff that last through death and even if you're dc'd or log out.
  • Collection Nodes in Qingyuan and Graveyard of Howling Wind have had their respawn time lowered and also the drop chance amount of herbs increased.

Patch 3.0.73
  • Custom Fashion, Titles and Pet Added to Game
  • Shelter Charms are back in the General Stores and now work properly thanks to the help of Acatalepsy.

Patch 3.0.71
  • Custom Fashion and Pet Added to Game
  • PvP Reputation Quest can be completed 5 times a day
  • Country Quest now require 50 Country Emblem
  • Drop Rate of Country Emblem Lowered
  • Quest in Taichung and Graveyard of Howling Wind no longer require the previous quest to be completed to work on the next quest available for that level.

Patch 3.0.70
  • Bugged Shelter Charms will no longer work and if you have one it will say and how to get a refund on your coins.
  • King Quest no longer require Invasion Certificate but instead now require Country Emblem which can drop from any mobs in the world. Any player that had Invasion Certificates will automatically be changed to Country Emblem.
  • New School Quest Option: Reputation Quest
    • PvP Reputation: Kill and collect 500 PvP Tokens. Gain between 100 and 500 PvP Reputation. Can't use shelter charm while doing this quest.
    • CAUTION: Currently there is a bug that the debuff for preventing you from using shelter charm when doing this quest will not go away until you complete the quest.
  • More Reputation School Quest will be added in the future.
  • Custom Fashion and Title Added to Game

Patch 3.0.67
  • Custom Fashion and Title Added to Game

Patch 3.0.66
  • Zhao Treasurer Items Changed
  • Guardian Pet Exchange NPC now has different options for exchanging Warm Jade
  • Custom Fashion, Titles, Mount and Pets Added to Game

Patch 3.0.65
  • Aggression Consumption of Shield Upgrade lowered to 50
  • Custom Fashion, Titles, Mount and Pets Added to Game

Patch 3.0.64
  • Gold Drop Rate Raised
  • Custom Fashion and Pet Added to Game
  • Updated In Game Notices

Patch 3.0.62
  • Gold Drop Rate Lowered
  • Custom Fashions and Titles Added to Game

Patch 3.0.61
  • Rebirth Quest Fixed
  • Gold Drop Rate and Coins Adjusted

Patch 3.0.60
  • Custom Pets Added
  • Divine Tokens can now be stacked
  • Drop Chance Adjusted in Stone Fort and Level 120 Arch
  • Gold Bullion is now a rare world drop
  • Souls can be purchased in Xinlitun at Tailoring Goods Trader
  • Coin Drop chance adjusted

Patch 3.0.57
  • Christmas Event has ended
  • Frosty the Snowman remains in Liuhe during the winter season
  • Reputation Token Exchange NPC is working again
  • Custom Pets and Fashions added

Patch 3.0.53
-Christmas Tree Items Fixed and Daily Quest can be completed twice.
Patch 3.0.47
  • All skills and items that use buffs should be working fine now.
  • Pet Upgrading and Fusing Materials Fixed.
  • Some Christmas Shop Items needed adjusted.
  • Custom Fashion added into game.
  • Drops adjusted in Stone Fort.

Patch 3.0.45
  • Qigong Charms no longer require you to be level 100 to use them.
  • Custom Guardian Pet added into game.
Christmas in Liuhe

-My annual holiday event Christmas in Liuhe has begun. Open presents all over liuhe to collect items which can be used to exchange for perm items at the Grand Christmas Tree in the middle of Liuhe.
-Frosty the Snowman is in town to buff you up.
-Collect Snowflakes from the daily quest The Present Snatcher which you can get from Snowball near the Grand Christmas Tree. You'll need snowflakes to get the perm items. This quest can be done once a day. The snowflakes are bound but all other collection items from presents aren't.
-Make sure to be online Christmas Day until January 2nd to open your presents under the Grand Christmas Tree.
-During Christmas in Liuhe enjoy weekend rates until January 2nd.
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Patch 3.0.42
  • Bulma Fashion model fixed
  • Custom Guardian Pets and Fashions added into game

Patch 3.0.38
  • Pet Strengthening Charm added to Guardian Pet Vendor NPC
  • Custom Title, Fashions and Guardian Pet added into game

Patch 3.0.37
  • Custom Pets and Titles Added.
  • Guardian Pet Exchange NPC is now available in Xinlitun. You can exchange certain item for a new Guardian Pet Experience Pill that will help in the leveling of Guardian Pets.
  • Materials needed to fuse pets, create pets, upgrade pets and grow pets has been changed.
  • Drops have been adjusted in Stone Fort.

Patch 3.0.36
  • The Instant Town Scroll sold in Taichung has been replaced with a new one and all others in game will disappear because the price was wrong and is now being sold for the correct price.
  • The muted skill has been updated and its description.
  • Ancient Treasure Chest now properly tell which NPC they can be exchanged at.
  • The bandages you can craft in Taichung have had their healing amounts reduced.
  • When you kill the King in the Country War you'll now receive the Elite Warrior of Country War Amulet.
  • Archaeology Bug in Graveyard of Howling Wind that would not spawn a Zhuque has been fixed.
  • Novice Items for Level 1 now give 1 Normal Qigong Key and 1 Small Qigong Charm.
  • The Qigong Temple Manager in Liuhe has been fixed. A new Qigong Temple Manager has been added to Taoyuan. Fortune's Favored NPC in Taoyuan has been renamed Novice Order Exchange and moved more into view for new players to easily find.
  • New Bulma Fashion modeled from the Transform Card added into Item Mall.
  • Demented Goat loot pet should now properly loot items from the ground at the proper distances.
  • Zodiac Transform Card - Aquarius: Protects Against Poison instead of Vital-Seal. Activation Rate slightly lowered and the protection buffs have seperate activation chances instead of activating together.

Patch 3.0.34
  • Holiday Halloween Fashions can now be refined.
  • Stone Fort DDQ can only be done once now.
  • Killing Mantra Fixed
  • Drop Chance of Silk of Dragon Soul Increased
  • Bow Weapon Stats Fixed
  • Drop Rate of T3 Materials and Other Drops in Stone Fort Adjusted
  • Divine Token Drop Chance Adjusted
  • Coin Cost for Archaeology Quest in Taichung lowered to 100k
  • Various Bugs have been fixed
  • New Zodiac Transform Cards now available for Purchase in Item Mall - Limited Time Offer: Buy a Zodiac TC and get a Free Level 120 Divine Token. Because they are new items expect changes to be made to the chance of effect or amount of buff but how the buff works itself should remain the same.
  • Zodiac Transform Token can now have a small chance to drop from bosses in Stone Fort and can be exchanged in Liuhe
  • PTR will be opening soon to start in retesting of the skills/adjustments

Patch 3.0.32
  • Guardian Pet System Activated. You can get your guardian pet items in Xinlitun.
  • Self Made Kung Fu System Activated. You can get your Unknown Skill Books in Xinlitun.
  • Drop Rate of Divine Tokens has been increased from Archaeology.
  • Drop Rate of Excellent Trinkets in Stone Fort has been adjusted and drop notification enabled.
  • Drop Rate of Zijin Divine Stone Increased.
  • Coin Drop Chance Increased from all mobs.
  • Lethal Shadow Essence Fixed.

Patch 3.0.27
  • Gold and Coin Drop Rate has been increased on all mobs.
  • Experience from mobs and bosses in Qingyuan and Graveyard of Howling Wind has been increased.
  • All Self Fashions should be corrected and giving the right items and using the correct materials now when upgrading.
  • Talisman Pearl, Giant Pearl and Anti-Venom Beads description updated for those confused if the item still works or not. (It does not work)
  • Many skills that used a net at level 100 have been fixed.
  • Level 120 School Charms Armor and Weapon Corrected.
  • Qigong Temple now has a location in Liuhe and all levels can now use Qigong Temple.
  • Ancient Hill Portal is now fixed.
  • Drop Rate of General Goods has been fixed along with the sale price at npcs.
  • Savage Mantis Rebuke Aggression Restoration Corrected.
  • Spear Tier 3 Effect Updated.
  • Safe Zone added to the Temple in Harrowing Mountains.
  • Stone Fort Drops have been updated. Tier 3 Materials Slightly Increased Drop Chance. Divine Tokens can now drop from bosses in Stone Fort but have a lower chance of dropping than from archaeology bosses. Excellent Trinkets can drop from Stone Fort.
  • Archaeology 120 Bosses have had the Divine Token drop chance increased. 3 Skill Books can now drop from Archeology Bosses.
  • The new Transform Cards will be added on the next update within a day or two with more testing along with Self Made Kung Fu and Guardian Pets.

Patch 3.0.17
  • All Hallow's Eve has begun in Taoyuan and will last until 11/6/16 11:59pm
  • Tailoring Shops in Xinlitun are now Opened for Business
  • New Tailoring Shop - Holiday Hat Trailor has Appeared in Xinlitun
  • Trailor Goods NPC moved closer to Tailors
  • New Shelter Charms added to all General Stores depending on level and location. Cost is based on level of charm.
  • Taichung Quest Dialogs are updated and will receive another patch in a few days along with Graveyard of Howling Wind.
  • General Goods Drop Rate Increased for maps not including Qingyuan and Graveyard of Howling Wind.
  • Hook and Hammer Skills Reverted
  • Spear and Hook Tier 3 Effects Adjusted
  • Many of the custom items have been added and you will need to message Admin-Edenost about your items.
  • All holiday helmets now give the same stats and can also be upgraded only with items given during their holiday event.
  • Experience Gems added into item mall for Level 100+
  • Fortune Box added into Item Mall
  • 30 Day Qigong Charm added into Item Mall
  • Various Item and Bugs have been fixed
  • Gong Gong should be fixed in Sulin Garden
  • Ancient Hill of Mixiang has been reverted for now to a Instance
  • All NPC's that required Blank Reputation should now be opened and functioning properly
-The next patch we have will be the additions of Guardian Pets and Self Made Kung Fu NPC's avaialble in Xinlitun.
Patch 3.0.10
  • Experience Fixed on 1 Duplicate Quest

Patch 3.0.9
  • Fixed Duplicate Item ID
  • Removed Refined Fashions from Novice Order and Made them Disappear
  • Novice Order Items Updated
  • Price added to Item Voucher

Patch 3.0.8
  • Gold Forging: Amount of Gold per Forge starts at 10g and goes up by 10g each forge
  • School Forging Room Fixed
  • Sacred Crane Thrust Fixed
  • Item Voucher added to Liuhe General Store
  • Duplicate Token Added to Item Mall
  • Duplicate Token Added to Zhao Treasurer
  • Blank Items that were messed up should be fixed. All other blank items will disappear.
  • School Quest Now Start at Level 100
  • Wisdom Quest Now Start at Level 100
  • Experience of Mobs Server Wide was changed from 250 to 400
  • Shelter Charm Cooldown Lowered
  • Country Buffs Can Now Be Removed. If the Buff was added by King you can relog if it has went away.
  • Liuhe Map now shows the 2 new portals.
  • Starter Gear has been changed to level 100
  • Savage Mantis Rebuke is now an aggression restoration buff. T3 Spear Buff will be changed at a future date.

Main Patch Notes

I'm sure I'm forgetting something to add to the patch notes and I'm sure you'll find something else that has been changed in game not mentioned here.

Unfortunately time was against me as I tried to squeeze in a few last things but those will sadly have to wait a couple of days. The new TC's will be added next week. Players won't be able to use them yet since they're level 120 items. I also have several more new things to add in but you'll have to wait and see what they are.

As with any major patch I would like everyone to please keep in mind that bugs will exist and not all changes are set in stone. If you do find a bug you can report it using the following email:

General Changes

  • Level Cap: 120
  • PvP Starting Level: 20
  • Item Mall Prices Updated and New Items Added.
  • Client Freeze and Disconnect Issues have been fixed.
  • Game Images have been updated for a more refined and vibrant look.
  • Loot Lag has always been an issue with this game and it should now I hope be solved. All mobs have had their drop items updated. Gears no longer drop from any mobs in game. General goods have increased coin sale price. Current tailoring items only drop in the Level 100 or lower maps and instances. The drop chance of these items will watched to see if it needs changing.
  • All Instances not including Stone Fort no longer require a team to enter.
  • Reputation in those instances are changed to the zone they reside in.
  • The experience value mobs give has been increased to create a type of catch up for players below level 99.
  • The Yamen Patrolman have started to walk to city of Liuhe keeping the streets safe from crime.
  • Travel Officer has been updated again to include Taichung and Arena.
  • Safe Zones except for the inital loading zones for Qingyuan and Graveyard of the Howling Wind have been removed.
  • Maps that have flags are actually portals to other maps.
  • Many User Interface and Tooltip Improvements.


  • Questing is the main way to level up in this level cap. I was going to increase the exp mobs gave but I didn't want people being able to power level toons and new people. It is still very much a grinding game but instead of just grinding mobs endlessly for hours you're going to have to complete quest.
  • Daily Quest have been updated for levels 101-120.
  • Archaeology Quest for boss levels 110 and 120 can be got in Taichung. These archaeology bosses now grant experience for completing the boss kill. Level 120 Archaeology Bosses are the main way to obtain the divine tokens to make Level 120 Divine Gear. Stone Fort is a way to obtain Tier 3 Materials.
  • 50 New Quest have been added to Taichung and Graveyard of Howling Wind. To being these quest find the World Explorer roaming Liuhe.
  • You will get a new quest each level and a duplicate quest that can be done for 2 levels. Boss Quest aren't able to be duplicated. Quest give coins, rep and some Tier 3 materials as a reward. Quest have to be done in order to be able to proceed to the next quest. An order will be posted later on. For now if you level doing the quest you'll be able to see the order since you only get a new quest each level.
  • Material Exchange Quest in Taichung: Exchange your extra herbs, ores, timber and cloth for experience, coins and reputation.
  • Rebirth: Trumpet Shell now drops from Jade Emperor, White Witch or Guarding Demon in Dragon Maze Archaeology Quest.
  • Daily Quest Days have been Updated:
    • Monday: Find the Spices
    • Tuesday: Kill Order - Defeat the Leaders & Kung Fu Exam
    • Wednesday: Collect the Jewels
    • Thursday: Kill Order: Defeat the Boss & Kung Fu Exam
    • Friday: Retrieve the Scrolls & King of Kung Fu
    • Saturday: Find the Fragments & King of Kung Fu
    • Sunday: Legendary School & Heroes Conquest
  • Heroes Conquest will not be updated until people have started reaching level 120


General Skills:

  • Killing Mantra:
    • Now Applies a Buff that Restores 10 Aggression each Second for 10 seconds.
    • Cooldown: 15 Seconds
    • No Channeling/Casting
  • Ancient Frenzy (Previously Greater Anti-Palm:
    • Increases Allies Attributes by 25% for 1 minute. Allies receiving this effect will become Sated and unable to benefit from Ancient Frenzy again for 10 min.
    • Cooldown: 10 Minutes

Class Skill Changes:
The following skill changes apply to level 120 ranked skills. All previous versions of any skills changed have also been updated to reflect any changes made.
Skill Debuff Types are as follows:
  • Debuff: It shows in game as Internal Injury even though this type is also for a different type of debuff. These debuffs usually refer to a stat reduction and cause no damage to the player. Not all stat reductions will be classified as this type.
  • Internal Injury
  • Poison
  • Vital Seal
  • Internal Damage
Many of the skill listed below have also had their external or skill damage (the set damage a skill will do which is then changed by the characters stats) have been changed.

There will be another round of skill changes once players start hitting level 120 and gearing up because of the lack of testing. Please remember as mentioned above no changes are final and can always change so please when you make a complaint keep that in mind and be civil.
  • Heavenly Phoenix Technique
    • Cast Time: 0 Seconds
    • Mana Consumption: 1000
    • Cooldown: 120 Seconds
    • Shielded and Increases Movement Speed by 70% while Healing 600 Health Per Second for 5 Seconds. 
  • Iron Monkey Strike
    • Now has a 30% Chance to Daze the Target's for 4 Seconds.
  • Roaring Lotus Onslaught
    • Aggression Consumption: 20
    • Cooldown: 3 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 12
    • 90% Chance to Decrease Target's Movement Speed by 70% for 7 Seconds.
  • Back Thrust
    • The distance moved forward has been lowered.
  • Four Mantis Defiance
    • Mana Consumption: 550
    • Cooldown: 130 Seconds
    • Has a 80% Chance to Reflect 1200 Internal Damage back to the Attacking Target for 25 Seconds.
  • Ten Ancestor's Blessing
    • Aggression Consumption: 50
    • Cooldown: 90 Seconds
    • Grants Immunity to Vital Seal, Internal Damage and Poison and Increases Defense by 2000 for 20 Seconds.
  • Seven Turtle Blow
    • Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 20
    • Stuns the Target for 8 Seconds
  • Drunken Rooster
    • Cooldown: 2 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 5
    • Generates 20 Aggression on Activation
  • Drunken Warrior Rage
    • Cooldown: 15 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Self
    • Converts 300 Health into 30 Aggression for 7 seconds every second
  • Dancing Circle Slice
    • Aggression Consumption: 55
    • Cooldown: 20 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Frontal Cone
    • Radius: 10
    • Damages all Enemies in a Frontal-Cone Dealing Massive Damage
  • Leaping Ram Smash
    • Aggression Consumption: 30
    • Cooldown: 3 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 10
    • Decreases All Target's Movement Speed by 60% for 7 Seconds
  • Sacred Willow Strike
    • Aggression Consumption: 25
    • Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 5
    • Damages and Stuns All Target's for 5 Seconds
  • Peaceful Sky Spirit
    • Aggression Consumption: 60
    • Cooldown: 40 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 10
    • Decreases All Target's Aggression by 20 Every Second for 10 Seconds
  • Sacred Lotus Blow
    • Aggression Consumption: 60
    • Cooldown: 60 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 3
    • Reduces All Target's Defense to 0 for 10 Seconds
  • Thundering Tiger Roar
    • Aggression Consumption: 60
    • Cooldown: 90 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 5
    • Decreases All Target's Armor/Defense/Attack/Damage by 20% for 15 Seconds
  • Tranquil Panda Song
    • Aggression Consumption: 15
    • Cooldown: 40 Seconds
    • Type: AoE
    • Radius: 10
    • Decreases All Target's Attack by 2000 and Damage by 1000 for 30 Seconds
  • Emerging Tortoise Snap
    • Aggression Consumption: 15
    • Cooldown: 40 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 10
    • Decreases All Target's Critical by 1500 and Hit by 25 for 30 Seconds
  • Nimble Mantis Focus
    • Aggression Consumption: 15
    • Cooldown: 40 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 10
    • Decreases All Target's Dodge by 3000 for 30 Seconds
  • Pious River Desolation (Previously War Protection)
    • Aggression Consumption: 25
    • Cooldown: 30
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 5
    • Decreases All Target's Armor by 800 and Defense by 1500 for 20 Seconds
  • Two Serpent Focus
    • Mana Consumption: 500
    • Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 10
    • Increases Teammates Weapon Damage by 1500 for 60 Seconds
  • Encouraging Shout
    • Mana Consumption: 500
    • Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 10
    • Increases Teammates Attack by 4000 for 60 Seconds
  • Insane Monkey Howl
    • Mana Consumption: 500
    • Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 10
    • Increases Teammates Critical by 4000 for 60 Seconds
  • Glorious Dream Energy
    • Mana Consumption: 500
    • Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 10
    • Increases Teammates Hit by 100 for 60 Seconds
  • Last Stand
    • Aggression Consumption: 60
    • Cooldown: 105 Seconds
    • Shielded for 7 Seconds. Lose 10% Health once the Shield has Ended
  • Shooting Preparation
    • Consumes 50 Mana while gaining 10 Aggression Every Second
  • Stone Monkey Arrow
    • Movement speed decrease change to 7 seconds
  • Nine Stars Dartle
    • All ranks duration changed to 10 seconds
  • Red Scorpion Arrow
    • Mana Consumption: 1000
    • Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    • Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 20
    • Decreases target's health by 250 and removes 250 mana and 7 aggression per second for 10 seconds
  • Dragonfly Feet
    • Mana Consumption: 1000
    • Cooldown: 2 Seconds
    • Increases Movement Speed by 35% and Weapon Damage by 1200 for 10 Minutes
  • Eagle Eye Technique
    • Cast Time: 0 Seconds
    • Mana Consumption: 1000
    • Cooldown: 2 Seconds
    • Increases Hit by 50 and Critical by 2500
  • Drunken Boxing
    • Mana Consumption: 500
    • Cooldown: 40 Seconds
    • Grants a 40% Chance when Attacked to Stun the Target's for 4 Seconds for 30 Seconds
  • Thousands of Spiders
    • Mana Consumption: 505
    • Cooldown: 1 Seconds
    • When Attacking deal 250 Internal Damage and Decrease the Target's Mana by 200 and Aggression by 7 for 10 Minutes
  • Mystic Sage Sword
    • Aggression Consumption: 45
    • Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Disables the Target for 5 Seconds
    • Debuff Type: Internal Injury
  • Flying Sun Strike
    • Aggression Consumption: 50
    • Cooldown: 60 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 40
    • Decreases Target's Movement Speed by 90% for 7 Seconds
    • Type: Debuff
  • Three Moon Swing
    • Aggression Consumption: 10
    • Cooldown: 5 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Stuns the Target for 4 Seconds, effect ends when Attacked
    • Debuff Type: Poison
  • Stunning Panda Blow
    • Aggression Consumption: 35
    • Cooldown: 20 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Stuns the Target for 10 Seconds when behind the target
  • Pious Thunder Technique
    • Aggression Consumption: 10
    • Cooldown: 40 Seconds
    • Increases Attack by 3000, Damage by 1500 and Critical by 3500 for 15 Seconds
  • Startled Monkey Feet
    • Mana Consumption: 550
    • Cooldown: 40 Seconds
    • Increases Defense by 3000, Armor by 1500 and Dodge by 3500 for 15 Seconds
  • Ten Sky Cyclone
    • Cast Time: 1 Second
    • Mana Consumption: 650
    • Cooldown: 5 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 30
    • Decreases Target's Movement Speed by 60% for 7 Seconds
  • Shaolin Shadow Fan
    • Cast Time: 2 Seconds
    • Mana Consumption: 1000
    • Cooldown: 140 Seconds
    • When Attacked Reflect 1450 Internal Damage and Remove 20 Aggression from Target's for 20 Seconds
  • Sealing Release
    • Mana Consumption: 1000
    • Cooldown: 5 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 15
    • Has a 80% Chance to Remove a Vital Seal and grant 2 Seconds of Immunity from Vital Seal
  • Mystic Phoenix Qi
    • Mana Consumption: 1000
    • Cooldown: 1 Second
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 10
    • Heals Target for 1500 Health
  • Seven Buddha Smile
    • Cast Time: 2 Seconds
    • Mana Consumption: 1500
    • Cooldown: 25 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 10
    • Heals All Teammates for 3000 Health
  • Azure Mountain Wind
    • Cast Time: 2 Seconds
    • Mana Consumption: 2000
    • Cooldown: 40 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 8
    • Heal All Teammates for 5000 Health
  • Tranquil Spirit Rain
    • Mana Consumption: 550
    • Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 15
    • Heals All Teammates for 650 Every 3 Seconds for 18 Seconds
  • Rejuvenating Lotus Fragrance
    • Mana Consumption: 750
    • Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 20
    • Heals a Teammate for 750 Every 3 Seconds for 18 Seconds
  • Six Spirit Sacrifice
    • Cooldown: 180 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 10
    • Requires Universe Herb
    • Heals a Teammate's Health and Mana by 80% and gives them a 25% Health Boost for 5 Minutes while Sacrificing 30% of your own Health
  • Divine Orchid Fragrance
    • Cast Time: 1 Second
    • Mana Consumption: 500
    • Cooldown: 25 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 50
    • Heals a Teammate for 2500 Health
  • Shou Lao's Gift
    • Shou Lao's Gift and Celestial Spirit Imbue can't be buffed together. Once will overwrite the other buff.
  • Ten Paradise Technique
    • Aggression Consumption: 50
    • Cooldown: 120 Seconds
    • Shielded for 6 Seconds. Not Immobilized.
  • Sacred Crane Thrust
    • Cast Time: 1 Second
    • Mana Consumption: 500
    • Cooldown: 8 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 40
    • Debuff Type: Poison
    • Immobilizes the Target and Dealing 300 Internal Injury per Second for 7 Seconds
  • Absolute Overawe
    • Aggression Consumption: 50
    • Cooldown: 25 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 10
    • Debuff Type: Poison
    • Immobilizes All Target's for 5 Seconds and Draining 50 Aggression
  • Death Chasing
    • Aggression Consumption: 25
    • Cooldown: 25 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 20
    • Deals 20 Aggression per Second for 10 Seconds
  • Hypnosis
    • Cast Time: 0 Seconds
    • Mana Consumption: 10%
    • Cooldown: 100 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 20
    • Reduces the Target's Armor by 25% and Defense by 50%
  • Iron Monkey Hook
    • Mana Consumption: 250
    • Cooldown: 2 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Frontal Cone
    • Radius: 8
    • Deals 650 Internal Damage
  • Savage Dragon Sickle
    • Cast Time: 1 Second
    • Mana Consumption: 1000
    • Cooldown: 20 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 15
    • Deals 2500 Internal Damage, Deals 20% Mana damage to target.
  • Tiger Soul Slash
    • Mana Consumption: 1500
    • Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 40
    • Deals 2500 Internal Damage and Drains 20% of the Target's Mana
  • Vicious Wolf Slash
    • Cast Time: 1 Second
    • Mana Consumption: 500
    • Cooldown: 5 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 20
    • Decreases the Target's Movement Speed by 50% and Dealing 400 Internal Injury for 7 Seconds
  • Vulgar Hawk Slice
    • Mana Consumption: 500
    • Cooldown: 20 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 20
    • Deals 2000 Internal Damage and Drains 50 Aggression, Restores 30 Aggression to user.
  • Hooked Lightning Dance
    • Cast Time: 0 Seconds
    • Aggression Consumption: 50
    • Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    • Skill Type: AoE
    • Radius: 20
    • Debuff Type: Debuff
    • Immobilizes the Target's for 7 Seconds and Deals 1500 Internal Damage after 7 Seconds
  • Twin Hell Nightmare
    • Cast Time: 2 Seconds
    • Mana Consumption: 1000
    • Cooldown: 30 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Radius: 20
    • Debuff Type: Poison
    • Sleeps the Target for 20 Seconds
  • Orchid Spirit Breath
    • Mana Consumption: 1000
    • Cooldown: 120 Seconds
    • Heals 1600 Health Every Second for 10 Seconds
  • Stone Fury Transference
    • Aggression Consumption: 20
    • Cooldown: 1 Second
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Restores 2000 Mana
  • Willow Spirit Breath
    • Health Consumption: 10%
    • Cooldown: 80 Seconds
    • Skill Type Single Target
    • Requires Universe Herb
    • Restores Aggression by 10 and Mana by 5% for Every Second for 15 Seconds
  • Celestial Spirit Imbue
    • Cast Time: 2 Seconds
    • Mana Consumption: 500
    • Cooldown: 10 Seconds
    • Skill Type: Single Target
    • Increases Max Health and Mana by 5000 for 10 Minute
    • Can't be applied with Shou Lao's Gift and will overwrite the buff.
  • Willow Wind Feet
    • Increases Movement Speed by 35% for 10 Minutes

Self Made Kung Fu

Now I know when people hear SMKF they think about how it has been on other servers and on official and I'm here to tell you now...It will not be like that. Blessed Fruit and Infinite Pill have been removed from the game completely. All characters have had their degree reset back to normal. If your degree at level 100 is not 398 or at level 120 it should be 438 then you need to inform me so it can be fixed. Currently only the Unknown Skill Book can be got in Xinlitun and new methods will be added soon.

Qigong Temple

Qigong Temple is back and can be accessed in Taichung. This can only be used by level 100+ toons and requires a key to access. Level your characters and alts using points you get by leveling and you can buy points in the item mall.

New Towns

Taichung and Xinlitun are the new towns added in this expasion. Taichung is the leveling zone for this level cap with access to Qingyuan and Graveyard of Howling Wind. You can access Taichung at the top of Liuli Pool. Xinlitun is a sub-city of Liuhe which is being used to relieve the congestion of npc's for all your fashion needs. This city will also include the Self Made Kung Fu Vendors and Guardian Pets. More more new shops are expected to move in soon.


Have you ever been tired of not being able to show your gear and having to restort to either showing item mall or self fashions? Well now you have the choice. Introducing the Invisible Fashion. Gain all the stats of a item mall fashion but without the look and show off your armor.
  • Self Fashions now have a new upgrade.
  • Self Fashions can have their dye chances refreshed.
  • There is a new type of fashion named alternative. These fashions are recolored versions of fashions available currently in game. There is 13 new alternative fashions.
Guardian Pets

The ncp's and items are all in game but however the pets won't be available on the release date and will be fully activated within a couple of days of the patch release.

Daily Zone

The Terracotta have closed their portal to Desert of Lost Treasurers without any warning. However a new zone has been found called the Harrowing Mountains. Be careful where you explore on this map or you might wind up in an area not very friendly. You can access this map using the portal near the area the Terracotta used to be. New and updated shops using daily reputation. The merchant that sales prizes decided to be lazy and hasn't fully updated his list yet using his own currency. I expect that he'll be updating his shops over the next few weeks.


What is the most annoying part of the game? I'm pretty sure everyone is going to say forging. Fail after fail after fail and this can go on for well over 100 times. People ask why not make it better. The answer before was not really a way but sometimes ideas don't appear until a random thought happens. The previous version of material forging now uses vouchers for forging. The material forging is still the same since you can create the vouchers needed with the materials that forge would of required. The previous version of forging voucher forging now is the Gold Forging Smith. Incase you can't connect the dots this smith requires vouchers and gold to do your forging. This forger has 100% success rate and gives slightly increased stats over material forging. The price of materials is higher than that of just using vouchers along with the cost is higher. The forging voucher smith also gives higher stats for attack and defense but the health and mana amounts have been lowered to match that of the attack and defense. The success chance for forging vouchers has also been increased slightly.

  • All Items that are able to be stacked can now stack up to 10,000.
  • World Chat Token previously known as Mility Horn will be coming back into the game and can be bought from the item mall, general stores or using Xian Xiang Reputation at the Taoyuan Treasurer. These are used to speak in the World Channel.
  • Shelter Charm Protection now last for 1 hour and has been removed from Liuhe General Store.
  • All Shelter Charm items except the 1 time use are bound.
  • 3 Day, Weekly and Monthly Experience Charms are now bound.
  • Permament Team Bell usable Level 100+ and is bound.
  • Talisman Pearl, Giant Pearl and Anti-Venom Beads are being removed from the game. Anyone that bought this item will be getting a gold refund. To get the refund you must have the item and present proof of purchase. Players that got any of these items as an in-game drop will receive some type of compensation. The refund process for these items will begin on Monday, October 17th.
  • Tai Yi Pill and Shen Zhi Exlixir are capped at level 119.
  • Ying Yang Pill is capped at level 119 and can't be bought from item mall anymore.
  • Level usage and caps for current experience pearls changed to level 1 and capped at 99.
  • Transformation Cards previously in game no longer have cooldowns.
  • Ancient Collection Tool now last only 30 days.
  • Some icons are replaced for item mall fashions that have been missing.
  • Guardian Pet Loot Pets are no longer usable and can be exchanged at the Exchange and Dissassemble NPC in Liuhe or Taichung for 500 gold.
  • Loot Pets no longer give any type of stats or healing. They are just loot pets now.
  • Emblems now give you 15% increased stats for 2 hours. No longer are removed if you die or get dc'd.
  • Starter Fashion, Loot Pet and Mount now last for 30 days.
  • Taoyuan Treasurer now sales 1 time use Transform Cards.
  • Permament Shop License are now available in the item mall.
  • World Reputation Trinkets can be upgraded to Excellent.
  • Tier 2 Armor can be disassembled for 1 type of Tier 3 Material.
  • Superior Forging and Refining Charms are new. These charms automatically buff you with all the needed charms for forging and refining in one click instead of it taking 6 seconds it takes 2 seconds for all of them.
  • Divine Armor and Weapons Level 120 will not have a bound status.
  • Level 10 Wing Room will now give schools 200 members.
  • Level 5 Fame Hall will now give schools 200 titles.
  • Schools that currently have the fully upgraded wing room and fame hall will have their numbers updated.
  • Chi Shang Fang can now be upgraded to level 6. It now gives upgraded school buffs per upgrade but are level capped. The shop will show the previous 5 buff ranks.
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