Disenchanting will become a essential part of the next expansion as it will be used to acquire materials that are used for all of the professions which have been mentioned in the expansion overview, you can read more about the expansion overview here.

If you'd like to be part of helping with testing of various parts of the new expansion join the PTR Discord here.

There will be many items you're able to disenchant but to do so you need to purchase Disenchanting Dust for 50,000 coins at the general store in Imperial City. Each disenchant will require 1 Disenchanting Dust and has no chance to fail. To disenchant an item you need to take the Disenchanting Dust and the item you're wanting to disenchant, there will be a list below of the current items that can be disenchanted, you need to go to the Disenchant NPC which will be located near the Mender in Imperial City. Place the item you want to disenchant into the NPC and then click the Disassemble button.

When you disenchant an item you will receive a new item called Triusium. This is a bound item and will be used in almost every single crafting process in the professions in the expansion. There will be other ways to obtain this item but a main way to obtain this will be from disenchanting items. The amount of Triusium you obtain from a disenchant varies depending on the quality of the item. Currently you'll be able to disenchant all obtainable divine quality items and a select few miscellaneous items that will have no use at level 100.

When the expansion releases the amount of Triusium you will obtain from items that are currently end game equipment will have the amount lowered.

If their is any items that you think should be included on this list please let Admin-Edenost know on Discord. Class Gear is currently not included because the process of breaking down Class Gear is the same and that would prevent players from being able to remake sets.

Disenchantable Items

Item Triusium Dust Received
Life Force Siphon 1
Mortar and Pestle 1
Item Triusium Received
Tai Yi Pill 1
Shen Zhi Elixir 1
Life Essence Pill 1
Mana Essence Potion 1
Flower Pouch 1
Mandarin Handkerchief 1
Red Death's Head 1
Colourful Waistband 1
Talisman Pendant 1
Dragonfly [Refined] 1
Blossom of Fire [Refined] 1
Entropy [Refined] 1
Oriole's Song [Refined] 1
Hornet Sting [Refined] 1
Songblade [Refined] 1
Dancing Butterfly [Refined] 1
Ethereal Blade [Refined] 1
Scythe of the Twin Moons [Refined] 1
Bai Na Armor [Refined] 1
Enchanted Phoenix Armor [Refined] 4
Shisui Armor [Refined] 1
Huangze Wushuang Armor [Refined] 4
Bai Na Cuffs [Refined] 1
Enchanted Phoenix Cuffs [Refined] 4
Shisui Cuffs [Refined] 1
Huangze Wushuang Cuffs [Refined] 4
Bai Na Boots [Refined] 1
Enchanted Phoenix Boots [Refined] 4
Shisui Boots [Refined] 1
Huangze Wushuang Boots [Refined] 4
Bai Na Helmet [Refined] 1
Enchanted Phoenix Helmet [Refined] 4
Shisui Helmet [Refined] 1
Huangze Wushuang Helmet [Refined] 4
Bai Na Leggings [Refined] 1
Enchanted Phoenix Trousers [R] 4
Shisui Legguards [Refined] 1
Huangze Wushuang Legguards [R] 4
Lance of the Nine Hells[Refined] 4
Staff of Sorrows [Refined] 4
Rusted Scraps [Refined] 4
Roar of Thunder [Refined] 4
Selflessness [Refined] 4
Blade of Illusion [Refined] 4
Wind of the Middle Kingdom[R] 4
Mu Qianfeng [Refined] 4
Divine Harmony [Refined] 4
Lance of the Nine Hells[Refined] 4
Staff of Sorrows [Refined] 4
Rusted Scraps [Refined] 4
Roar of Thunder [Refined] 4
Selflessness [Refined] 4
Blade of Illusion [Refined] 4
Wind of the Middle Kingdom[R] 4
Mu Qianfeng [Refined] 4
Divine Harmony [Refined] 4
Necklace of Flowing Light [Holiday] 5
Gladiator's Band [Holiday] 5
Convergence of Fates [Holiday] 5
Heightened Rage [Holiday] 5
Twisting Wind [Holiday] 5
Unbridled Fury [Holiday] 5
Bloodthirsty Instinct [Holiday] 5
Fate's Jeweled Necklace [Holiday] 5
Manapearl Choker [Holiday] 5
Pendant of Cold Flame 1
Stabilized Energy Pendant 1
Skystone Pendant 1
Nightfall Chain 1
Pendant of Thunder's Rage 2
Lavadrip Pendant 2
Chain of Scorched Bones 2
Blackfire Amulet 2
Spiked Bloodstone Pendant 3
Choker of the Great Betrayer 3
Necklace of the Twisting Void 4
Nightmare Pendant 4
Fate's Jeweled Necklace 4
Manapearl Choker 4
Necklace of Flowing Light 4
Shadowruby Band 1
Ring of Mirrors 1
Twisted Soul Band 1
Nightfall Loop 1
Ring of Wisdom 2
Ring of Savage Howl 2
Swiftfeather Band 2
Fire Eye Ring 2
Burning Beak Band 3
Earthfury Band 3
Ring of Ascended Glory 4
Soul of the Battlelord 4
Dreamwalker' s Band 4
Band of Delusion 4
Gladiator's Band 4
Chalice of Moonlight 1
Infernal Cinders 1
Tarnished Sentinel Medallion 1
Charm of the Rising Tide 1
Astral Alchemist Stone 2
Nature's Call 2
Caged Horror 2
Orb of Torment 2
Stone of the Elements 3
Chaos Talisman 3
Convergence of Fates 4
Heightened Rage 4
Twisting Wind 4
Unbridled Fury 4
Bloodthirsty Instinct 4

During the week, Monday-Friday, each day at a different time a new event will be taking place, The Decaying Forest Invasion.

In Imperial City next to the Weekly Event NPC's will be a new npc that will once the event begins teleport you to The Decaying Forest except this time it is full of bosses that you've previously engaged with that are ready to fight back. This is a Level 80 event only.

This event will be something that is only happening from now until the expansion is released, afterwards a new version will be created with a different type of importance.

When the event starts you will have to be in a team like Endless Hell, you'll get teleported into the Decaying Forest Invasion Map. Your quest to complete includes killing 50 bosses to get a quest item. You don't need to worry about having to complete the quest on time as this item will be used for a different npc so that the quest can be turned in at any time.

The reward from this quest will be 1 Million Coins, 2,000 Daily/Archaeology/PvP Reputation. This event will have set times but only available for 2 hours each time the event is running with the exception of Friday.

All times listed below are based on server time.

Monday 12am-2am

Tuesday 12pm-2pm

Wednesday 6am-8am

Thursday 6pm-8pm

Friday 10pm-2am

Only during this time will you be able to complete the event. The quest item isn't timed and won't get removed but is bound. If you're not able to complete it one day you can continue on the next but you can only complete the quest once a day. Once you get 50 you will stop receiving them and the quest will complete for that day to enter the Decaying Forest Invasion. If you leave the zone after completing the quest you will not be able to re-enter until the next time the event starts.