World of Kung Fu is a FREE TO PLAY game. Many adventures await you in the lands of the Middle Kingdom that are designed to test your Kung Fu skills and help your character develop. In the game there is a virtual store called the "Item Mall" that can provide your character with additional items and supplies that can enhance your gaming experience, help customize your character, and unlock some special features.

Here are a few examples of popular items in the World of Kung Fu Item Mall:
- Fashion Clothes
- Bonus Experience Charms
- Mounts
- Item Collection Pets
- Decorations & Titles
- Convenient Little Stuff to Fulfill Your Exploration
And much more!

You do not need to use the Item Mall to play the game, but the items available do make gameplay easier and more rewarding. If you are just starting out, be sure to get and use your FREE Novice Card, which gives you some really great items from the Item Mall to try out!


First, go to the donations page here. Next decide how much you would like to donate. When Donating you will be asked to enter the amount to be purcashed and then follow the rest of the instructions. Before you Donate, Please Click on the Add Special Instructions and leave which character this is going to be for.


1. Click the Gold icon at the bottom right of your screen or press "Home" on your keyboard to open the Item Mall. You can check how much gold you have at the bottom right of the mall interface.

2. At the top left corner you can find categories. Click to choose which kinds of goods you need.

3. Click to choose the item you want to buy and type quantity in the field below the goods list.

4. At the right side of the interface you can see your backpack, if the item you bought is shown there, the purchase is successful!

5. If you think you like some items but don't want to buy any at this time, you can click the "Collect" icon at the bottom of the interface to put it in your "Favorite List". This makes it easy to find in case you want to buy it later.

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