Fashion Outfits are a fun way to express yourself and customize your character's appearance. Many of the fashions are available in the Item Mall, but others can only be obtained from Reputation rewards or performing certain tasks. When you get a Fashion Outfit, you equip it the same way you equip other types of armor. There is a special slot reserved just for fashion outfits. Simply right click on the item in your inventory to equip it, or drag and drop it in to the slot as seen in Fig.1. Select the check box to "Show Fashion" and your character will display your new look! Fashion Outfits DO NOT replace your armor, it just changes your appearance, so you will still have all the benefits of your magic items. Think of it as a fashion style worn over your armor.

There is also another more advanced form of Fashion in the World of Kung Fu. Fashion Clothes are individual pieces of Fashion Outfits which are equipped the same way armor is, except these types of Fashion Clothes have their own special interface (see Fig.2). Fashions worn in this way have a much higher level of customization. You can mix and match different pieces and even dye them different colors to truly create a unique Fashion!

Fig 1

Fig 2

Take a look at some of the fashions from the game!
Wedding Suit
Wedding Veil
Phoenix Suit(Yang)
Phoenix Dress(Yang)
Phoenix Suit(Ying)
Phoenix Dress(Ying)
Casual Wear(Blue)
Casual Wear(Yellow)
Casual Wear(Purple)
Casual Wear(Green)
Chinese Traditional Suit
Mandarin Dress
Panda Suit
Panda Dress
Red Panda Suit
Red Panda Dress
General's Armor
Beauty's Dress
Fist Lord's Suit
Fist Lord's Gown
Spear Lord's Suit
Spear Lady's Gown
Swordsman's Suit
Swordsman's Gown
Moving Mountain
Raging Ocean
Flowing Cloud
Flying Drake
Wind Chasing
Swift Shadow
Kung Fu Lord Suit
Kung Fu Lord Dress
Broken Earth
Open Heavens
Savage Sky
Leopard Print
Famous General's Armor
Famous General's Gown
Xuan Xiao
Ye Huo
Fu Guang
Lue Ying
Fu Guang
Wu Feng
Jade Emperor
White Witch
Lu Yan
Golden Sparrow
Mo Seng
Golden Sparrow
Golden Sparrow
Fortune Suit
Fortune Dress
Refined Scholar
Fair Lady
Sui Feng
Ting Yu
Purely Watermelon Dual-Sword Warrior
Amazing Cyan
Graceful Bearing
Snowly Elf
Yamen Watchman
Pinky Beauty

Holiday Fashions

These Fashions are only available during the holiday celebration events in game.

Wizard Uniform
Witch Uniform
Dual-sword Warrior
Amazing Cyan
Graceful Bearing
Snowly Elf
Yamen Watchman
Pinky Beauty
Flowing Cloud
Flying Drake

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