Daily Event

During the week we will carry out some regular online events and more important things are that we might have more new events! So what are you waiting for? Come online and check out what's going on right now!

1. FAQ
"The event's rule is as simple as follow: Who can answer my questions in the Shout channel firstly and correctly wins."

When this event is on, you can win over the reward by answering the question in the Shout channel. If you were able to answer it FIRST rather than anyone else, then congratulations, you win!

2. Hide & Seek
"The rule is simple: YOU will be the person to find ME out according to my given clues and the first one trading with me will get the reward."

When this event is on, you can win over the reward by finding our event GM and trade. But you still need to be faster and maybe with a little luck because quotas of winners are limited!

3. Knock Knock
"Greetings,ladies and gentlemen. It's now the challenger's time!"

This event is now only avaliable for our new server:Emerald Tiger. When it's on, you might have the change to team with our GM and then start to have a challenge! Your task will be different and if you made it, a great reward will await you!

4. To be continued...
We are still seeking for more funny ideas of Online Event. Whenever we are fully prepared and then we will just bring it on. Well, I hope you better be ready for new challenges too!