Blessing of the Gods is no longer a world drop and can be bought at Taoist in various cities.

Duplicate Token and Wisdom token are no longer a world drop and can be bought at General Store in Imperial City.

Town Scroll will no longer work in battle.

The ability to teleport by marriage, location talisman and team bell or setting landmarks in Arena has been disabled to prevent players from teleporting to the middle arena when we hold PvP events.

Blind Serpent Stance now last properly for 1 hour.

Colored Eggs and Easter Basket have been removed from players inventories and the Easter Event is now over.

Treasure Boxes and Keys are now available to be purchased with Archeology Reputation and in Item Mall. Level 80 Players can get a free Fortune Box Daily in Imperial City.

Drop Chance in Fate Dungeon Increased

Drop notification removed for Zijin Divine Stone and Silk of Dragon Soul

Battle Charm NPC added to Imperial City. You can purchase 1 hour buffs for 5k coins.

April 24th, 2018